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02120C Mast-R-Lift II (9-1/4" X 11-3/4") Factory Second
02120C Mast-R-Lift II (9-1/4" X 11-3/4") Factory Second

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Mast-R-Lift II™ (Factory Second) Router Lift for fixed base routers
Our Price: $349.99
Factory Second Price $299.99
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Product Code: 02120C

Description Technical Specs

Every now and then our anodizer doesn't get the finish perfect on the top plate for our Lifts. The anodizing process especially on Blanchard ground tooling plate can be difficult to get right every time. We usually scrap these plates but it seems like such a waste when all that is wrong with them is a finish with white spots instead of being perfectly black. We would re-anodize them but the stripping process dulls the finish and in our opinion that looks worse than white spots. Unfortunately these plate are machined, anodized, engraved and assembled into the finished product often before they are rejected in our final inspection. We have decided to offer these Mast-R-Lift II's at a discount instead of incurring the cost to replace the top plate. These are backed the same as all JessEm's products and are virtually the same other than a the white specs on the top surface. There is a very limited supply of these available so this is a great chance to own our Mast-R-Lift II at a great price. There is a picture above of the surface finish so you see that it is very minimal but unfortunately can't be sold as being perfect.

JessEm sets pretty high standards when we set out to develop a new tool. We believe we have adhered to these high principles, and we are proud to introduce the new Mast-R-Lift II. We have kept all the great features of the current Mast-R-Lift, but challenged our design team to include features we knew our customers would want.

In 1999, JessEm Tool invented the Rout-R- Lift. This innovation created a whole new category for the woodworker and in November 2009 was credited in an article by Wood Magazine as one of the top 25 innovations in Woodworking in the past 25 years. This was a very flattering compliment to our efforts and reinforces to us why we need to ensure we continue to build the best Lift on the market. The influx of router lifts currently for sale by many other manufacturers has spurred us to drop the gauntlet and create what we believe is the best lift currently available.


We also wanted the Mast-R-Lift II to be extremely smooth while raising and lowering your Lift. In our opinion, there was only way to make this happen, adding doubled sealed bearings to the rotation of the Lift spindle. In fact, the new Mast-R-Lift II has 5 double sealed bearings, 2 on the spindle and 3 on the cam lock. These provide a lifetime of use for your Lift and even with the heaviest router on the market your Lift can be raised and lowered with one finger.


All of JessEm’s Lifts have the patented feature of adding tension to the threaded spindle to remove any backlash while adding some resistance to the rotation of the thread. This removed any vibration from the thread clearance and also prevented the spindle from moving and changing your setting while routing. We included this feature once again on our new Mast-R-Lift II. JessEm wanted to go one step further, so we added a dedicated locking mechanism for heavy duty long term routing operations. Now, not only do you have the patented tensioning feature but we also have added a cam lock that is accessible from the top surface and is engaged with the use of the same crank handle used to raise and lower the Lift. A simple twist ensures your Lift is locked securely in place giving our customers more confidence that the height is set and locked in place.


Many of our customers have more than one fixed base router, so we wanted this new lift to fit as many of the fixed based routers currently for sale on the market. Now, you can use the new Mast-R-Lift II with more than just one dedicated router. The new Mast-R-Lift II fits every fixed base router we could find on the market right out of the box.


Many of our customers ask us why we don’t have a top plate in a color other than black?. The answer is simple. At JessEm we hard anodize our top plates. We don’t use the more common sulphuric anodizing available in different colors. The hard anodizing process is several times more expensive but we want your Lift to provide many years of service. Hard anodizing is an engineered surface treatment that provides a thick abrasion resistant coating and is not just a cosmetic treatment that will wear off.


The shafts on the Mast-R-Lift II like all our Router Lifts are pressed into a shaft mount with hydraulic pressure. We don’t just thread our shafts to the top plate. The owner of JessEm spent many years as a Tool and Die maker before founding our company, and cutting corners was not an option. By pressing the shafts into a larger diameter mount we are able to attach the shafts to the top plate and fasten in place with more than one screw spreading the lateral load and providing a very rigid and durable mount that will withstand the toughest routing operations.


Like our current Mast-R-Lift, bit changes above the table, was a must for all routers that work with the lift without the need for special bent wrenches.


All the machined components on the Mast-R-Lift II are machined on one of our CNC machining centers at our Barrie, Ontario, Canada location. Even the crank handle on the Lift is machined out of solid bar stock and all the aluminum non wear components on the Lift are anodized for appearance, corrosion resistance and some wear resistance.


The Mast-R-Lift II comes with a 2" insert ring to reduce the size of the bit opening in the plate and the opening is large enough to accommodate a 3-1/2" diameter bit without an insert installed. Our Lifts and Plates all feature our Tab-Loc™ design insert rings which are another JessEm innovation that is common on many other manufacturers’ products today. We figure we must be doing something right if our competition follows our lead.

We invented the Lift because we too are woodworkers. Adjusting a router in a table mounted operation was very difficult to do accurately before the first Router Lift in 1999. Now we have developed the ultimate Lift with features, built in accuracy and ease of use that we would want ourselves. The Mast-R-Lift II is a precision piece of engineering that you will be proud to own and find use whenever you are in your work shop.

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